Firesong and Stormshroud, Significant Unique Jewels in POE 3.20 Expansion

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Today let’s talk about some unique Jewels, First one is Firesong, what this does is it gives you a little bit of virus modifiers to ignite duration on you apply to all elemental Ailments, so what this basically means is if you get for example a hundred percent reduced duration of Chill, you will also get every other ailment on top.

The problem with reduced ailment duration is that some enemies actually have increased duration, so even if you have a hundred percent, some enemies will still be able to apply ailments to you. However enter the lightning version of this Jewel, Stormshroud, which is chance to avoid being shocked applies to all elemental ailments. We can see how strong this Jewel could be, because this straight up means if you have a 100% chance to avoid shock, there is no ifs, you just have totally element immune. I assume there's also going to be a cold version of this Jewel, which is going to be the last one to reduce effect.

There is one important thing I have to mention about this Jewel, it was written that with 100% reduced effect of shock, but it does not mean that you actually are immune to shock throughout the mapping process. It just means that the enemy has to hit for twice as much damage to shock for the same amount. So a reduced effect was just not that good, however this patch changed monster inflicted sources of chill and shock effect to be multiplicative, rather than additive. This is to allow sources of reduced effective ailments to be able to stack, and provide immunity.

As for how many Orbs you have to use for those Jewel, it obviously needs more testing. POE Currency would change a lot as well due to the new league, so it better for everyone to prepare more Divine Orbs for build you want to try.

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